Thélème, (re)birth of a French racket

Our Project

Artisanal French manufacture, craftsmanship and support for the existence of the jeu de paume are at the heart of our project. We want to restore to France the mastery of techniques and gestures needed to create an exceptional real tennis racket.

We've chosen to partner with Romain, an artisan carpenter who works from his workshop in the Loire region (42). Romain's approach to woodworking is both traditional and innovative. He brings all his skills and experience to the design, conception and manufacture of the Thélème real tennis racket. It was in his workshop that has been (re)learned all the steps and gestures required to create a preal tennis racket by hand.

In association with Romain, we called on the expertise of a design office specializing in real tennis racket manufacturing. Antoine, Enzo, Paul and the whole team were able to contribute all their knowledge of material resistances and manufacturing tools (molds, drilling, etc.).

Our Story

Thélème is a French real tennis brand. We draw on the values of paume, the "sport of kings and kings of sports", but above all the first popular sport in French history. With its subtle rules, this game demands great technical and physical skill, as well as tactical and mental strength.

For centuries, those who excelled in the art of the paume became adored champions, whether sovereigns or commoners. Through Thélème, we wish to respect this demand for excellence and pass on the age-old, popular passion for paume.

Our Racket

As the saying goes, the racket doesn't make the player... but the Margot racket does make a difference. A wooden racket weighing over 350 grams, with an asymmetrical head barely larger than the palm of a hand, strung at over 60 kilos!

Here's our challenge: to create a rare object in France, reserved for real tennis players looking for something more than power in their game. We've designed a racket to give the user a feeling of purity on impact with the ball. A unique combination of power and fluidity.

The "Jeu de Paume"

The first racket sport in history, real tennis is mentioned in some writings as early as the 13th century in Italy. A few centuries later, between 1550 and 1700, there were no fewer than 250 courts in Paris.

In those days, there were already professionals called "Maitre Paumier". As well as being excellent players, Maîtres Paumiers had the difficult task of making balls and rackets. Since disappeared, Thélème follows in the footsteps of the Maîtres Paumiers: making real tennis rackets in France!

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